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You have reached this page because you qualify for, or have already gained, legal working rights or residency in Australia.  This is a very exciting time for you! (If you have arrived at this page by error, click here to return to the CV Assessment Results page.)

We're here to make the process of transitioning into the Australian workforce seamless for you, so that you can take the stress out of immigrating to Australia.

Click on the relevant link below to learn how you can be more successful applying for jobs in Australia.

I am:

Not feeling confident about my Australian job search or CV

Feeling confident about my Australian job search or CV

Sure that I require assistance with my Australian job search and CV

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I Am Not Feeling Confident About My Australian Job Search

If you found the CV assessment useful, however, have come away from it not feeling too confident about your own CV and whether you are competitive applying for jobs in Australia; send your CV now to our professional consultants, by clicking here. Be sure to note in your subject line "Qualify for Visa".  This way we will make your enquiry a priority, as we understand the urgency of you requiring employment in Australia.

Our consultants come from the perspective of Australian employers and recruiters, and know exactly what Australian employers are looking for, and what their expectations of you are. We know what it takes to be competitive when applying for jobs in Australia, and how to make you stand out from the crowd.

I Am Feeling Confident About My Australian Job Search

If you are feeling that you have a strong CV and that you will compete effectively against Australian residents when applying for jobs, we congratulate you.  There are not too many foreign nationals in your situation, and you must have really done your homework!

However, if you find that after several Australian job applications you are not receiving the desired results and positive response, feel free to send your CV through for an assessment, just to be sure that you're on the right track.  Our job search services have proven to magnify our clients job opportunities in Australia, and gain them sought after interviews.

Click here to email your CV to our experienced consultants now.

I Feel That I Require Assistance With My Australian Job Search
I Want to Know What to Expect From Nab That Job in Australia

Once you have emailed us your CV and/or Cover Letter, our experienced Australian consultants will assess your documents and give you an honest opinion of whether your current CV is competitive in the Australian job market. 

If we feel you have a strong CV and could compete effectively against Australian residents, we will be sure to congratulate you and give you our recommendations for further increasing your effectiveness. 

If we feel you require some work and strengthening of your CV and/or Cover Letter, or more effective presentation of your skills and experience, we will advise you of this, and offer you our recommended services in your specific situation.

Our services have proven to be effective in increasing the success rate of our clients gaining interviews - the hardest part of the job search process.  Once you have an interview, you have opened the door to opportunity for securing employment in Australia!

Click here now to send us your CV for an assessment and/or quote.