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  • "Good day Nadine, Thank you for the CV & cover letter they are perfect. There should be no reason why companies are not knocking on my door with this package! Again t..."
    Aaron Holdstock - South Africa
    Electronic Machine Tool Technician
  • "Nadine Myers not only produced an eye-catching CV but also highlighted all my relevant skills and experience resulting in a suberb resume. I moved from South Africa to Australia..."
    Annie Olivier - Office Manager
    South Africa

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Australian Resume eBook for Permanent Residents & Visa Holders


This eWorkBook is packed full of all the information that you will ever need for writing a high-impact, competitive resume for the Australian job market.  



What you will learn:  

  • The 17 Key Secrets to Success when applying for jobs in Australia
  • The crucial information you need to know when preparing your resume for the Australian job market
  • The 9 common resume mistakes in Australia
  • A step-by-step guide to writing your very own interview - getting Australian resume from start to finish
  • Brief overview on how to write a complimenting Australian cover letter
  • Choosing the right template for you (from a stack of free, high-impact, tested and proven Australian resume templates)

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Australian CV eBook for Job Sponsorship in Australia


DIY CV for Job Sponsorship in Australia

Do-It-Yourself Australian CV for Job Sponsorship in Australia! For only $17, you can create your own resume that will be competitive in the Australian Job Market, and that is designed specifically for finding job sponsorship in Australia.



What you will learn:

  • The 18 secrets to creating an effective CV for job sponsorship in Australia
  • The Crucial information you need when preparing a CV for job sponsorship in Australia
  • A simple, step-by-step guide to writing a competitive Australian CV from start to finish
  • How to choose a suitable template for your profession from hand-picked selection of successful Australian CV templates
  • How to approach your job sponsorship requirement
  • The 10 common CV mistakes when applying for sponsorship in Australia
  • How to approach your cover letter when applying for job sponsorship in Australia

Plus you receive an Australian Job Search Guide, listing out the best places to look for employment in Australia; and 14 recommended Australian CV templates for sponsorship.

Do not struggle to find a sponsor in Australia any longer.  Create your own high-powered Australian CV for job sponsorship now, by clicking the button below.

WAS $23.95

NOW: $17

Australian Cover Letter eBook & Templates


How to Write a Successful Australian Cover Letter

This eGuide perfectly compliments "Australian Resumes: Secrets Revealed", and includes matching templates to assist you to create a visually appealing and competitive job application for Australia.



What you will learn:

  • Addressing selection criteria
  • How to keep your layout clear and concise
  • Formatting your Australian cover letter for greater appeal
  • Step-by-step instructions to writing a successful Australian cover letter
  • What contact details to include (and what not to)
  • Tailoring your standard cover letter to each job
  • How to start your letter and how to introduce yourself
  • How to address experience or skills requested that you don't have
  • How to 'wrap up' your cover letter
  • Case studies to give you real life examples
  • Various cover letter templates to use
  • Australian cover letter checklist

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