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Nab That Job in Australia!

Do I have an Australian Visa or am I already living in Australia?


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What is my biggest challenge with finding employment in Australia?

The biggest challenge in finding a position has been the fact that I have only been here 4 months and have no experience in the Australian working culture, and also my age. I am therefore politely rejected. I have years of experience in admin and just need one employer to give me the chance to show that although I would have to learn new systemns, I would be able to execute the position with complete integrity.

Cut and paste your resume below for assessment and consideration for Australian employment. We recommend removing your contact details and the contact details of your referees if you wish to protect yours and your referees' privacy.


LydiaMartha Wearne

14 Grandis Crt,Cashmere, Queensland, 4500

Tel Home: 07 3882 1328

Mobile: 0425 548 780

E-mail :


Ihave had the opportunity to expand my working experience through changingcircumstances within the companies that I have been employed by. Starting as aPersonal assistant to two sales managers, to working for 3 divisions at thesame time within the company. The main tasks were secretarial work,presentations and customer liaisons as well as tracking and placing orders. Thesecond company I was once again a Personal assistant to the Clothing Directoras well as the Industrial Director. These positions entailed handling all localand overseas travels, import and export, customer liaison and imported stockcontrol. During this time I was then involved with customer orders, and was giventhe position as the Credit Controller, and given autonomy in this position, andthis became my main job. I have also been involved in the company’s computersystem which was tailor made to fit their needs as well as the training of thestaff to master it.


May1989 - Oct 2010

Company: Thecompany, Betterbonders t/a Incatex, was a manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics andshoulder pads for the clothing industry as well as the Industrial sector. Therewere about 850 to 920 workers between 2 factories.

Reasonfor leaving was to immigrate to Australia.

Position: Credit Controller and general officemanager and P.A. to the Director of the Industrial division.

Dutiesand role:  Credit controller and generaloffice manager and P.A. are as follows:

·        Handled all correspondence, appointments, reports, and travel.

·         Liaising with theindustrial customers, both in person and telephonically on a daily basis, thisforming the major part of my position, communicating with sales staff as wellas with the factory.

·        Ensure orders placed on factory, tracked deliveries, handleddiscrepancies.

·        Credit controller being responsible for the total credit controlof debtors’ book, including reconciling accounts, handling all account andcustomer liaison, in person and telephonically, queries and credit notes.Issued final demands and hand overs. Discussing payment plans with customers.  

·        Responsible for opening accounts, obtaining trade references andbank clearances.

·        Allocating payments to customers accounts from bank statements, bankingfor the company and cash flow monitoring for Management accounts.

·        Updatinginsurance cover.

·        Preparation of journals and month end / quarterly and annual managementreports.

·        Assisted branches with general queries.

·        Preparation of annual budgets for approval by Directors.

Position:P.A. to the Director of the Clothing Division.

Dutiesas follows :

·        All travel and hotel arrangements, local and overseas.

·        All correspondence and monthly/quarterly and year-end reports.

·        Planning of our import and exports lines, placing the orders.

·        Liaising with clearing agents and overseas suppliers.

·        Preparationof export documentation.

·        Preparedannual price increases for Management approval.

·        Placing fibre orders and other necessary follow ups pertaining toquality, shortages etc.

·        Preparation and input of credit notes.

·        Preparation and entering of budgets.

·        Assisted with in –house computer system.


1981- April 1989


Thecompany was a manufacturer of Trevira fibre, resins, various chemicals, dyes,pharmaceuticals and polymers.

Position:P.A. to Marketing and Sales Managers for the Fibres / Dyes andResins divisions.

Duties as follows :

·        Secretarialduties.

·        Presentations.

·        Ensuringthat our annual fashion presentation ran smoothly.

·        Preparationof monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

·        Standin secretary to the Director.

·        Negotiatewith the manufacturing plant and warehouse.

·        Placed, executed and tracked orders.

·        Liaised with customers and suppliers.



Reasonfor leaving :

Headhunted by Bonar Staflex.