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Job Sponsorship in Australia On The Rise?

Posted on May 4, 2010 at 7:07 PM

Over the past couple of months, we have noted an increase in the number of advertised positions that are open to receiving applications from overseas nationals, and that would be willing to sponsor foreign nationals for the job if the right person came along.

This is very positive, and we hope to see this trend continue, with more Australian companies being willing to sponsor overseas nationals, and attract skilled migrants to Australia.

Our clients have been receiving mixed reports from their job search.  One thing is clear though - recruitment agencies are very rarely willing to help people who are seeking job sponsorship, or people who have their PR and are applying for jobs from overseas.  If they cannot meet you in person, they cannot help you, in most cases.

Other clients have been told that Australian companies are interested in their skills and experience, and would be interested in meeting with them when they are in Australia. Once again - being overseas is causing a road block. 

These outcomes have caused many of our clients to consider travelling to Australia on a tourist visa, to explore the areas of Australia they are interested in, and to meet with potential employers whilst there.

As part of our Australian Job Search Strategy service, we assisted one of our clients earlier this year with their trip to Australia so that they could make the most of their time whilst there, and to ensure they had interviews lined up during their stay in Australia.  This particular client was offered a role with one of the employers they met with in Australia, after returning to their home country, making their trip to Australia worthwhile.  Learn more about why you should consider planning a trip to Australia here.

Reports from our clients have shown that they have received an increased positive response from their Australian job applications after having their CVs be professionally prepared by our Emigration Job Search Consultants, so that they meet the expectations of Australian employers.  This has proven that the CV plays a very large role in attracting interest from Australian employers.

Our recommendation at this point in time is to focus on the hidden job market when applying for jobs in Australia, and avoiding applying for jobs through Australian recruitment agencies if you are applying for jobs from outside Australia.  This will see your time spent in a more effective way, and you will be sure to note the positive change in outcomes from your Australian job search.

If you are in Australia and applying for sponsored jobs, make yourself available for face to face job interviews, and if you cannot attend a face to face interview, you should probably re-think applying for jobs in other States of Australia.  If you do apply for a job in another State and the company is  interested in meeting with you, once you have an interview date secured, leverage your time so that you can meet with as many suitable employers as you can whilst in that area.  This will increase your chance of success, as after all, applying for jobs in Australia is a 'numbers game - The more jobs you apply for, the closer you will be to finding success in your Australian job search.

However, you must also keep in mind that applying for hundreds of jobs with a CV that is not effective or competitive in Australia, will greatly diminish your opportunity for success.  You will know if your CV is effective just by the respose you are receiving from your Australian job applications.  For instance, if you have applied for 10 jobs in Australia and have not received one positive response, or perhaps not any response at all, there is a very good chance your CV is not effective as a self-marketing tool.  However, if you have applied for 10 jobs and you have received interviews or interest from Australian employers, your CV is likely to be serving its purpose as an effective self-marketing tool.

To find out whether your CV is serving its purpose effectively as a self-marketing tool, click here.

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