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Success Story - Pradeep Kunnath

Posted on June 17, 2010 at 6:19 PM

Carry sufficient cash for at least six months, have your CV rewritten by a professional Australian Emigration Job Search Strategist, develop contacts before your arrival, be patient and, most of all, never never give up.

These tips come from Pradeep Kunnath, an Indian national who migrated to Australia last November, who finally found a job after eight months of intense searching.

The position Pradeep secured in Australia was not just any job, however, it was the job he had been dreaming about, the job he gained experience in in  his own country.  Thanks to Pradeep's strength, his talent, and thanks to the help of Nadine Myers, Founder and Director of Nab That Job in Australia!, and Australian Emigration Job Search Strategist, he finally landed a great role in Australia.

Pradeep was seeking a role  in Human Resources.  He had tried to applying for jobs before arriving in Australia, however he eventually discovered that this was a bad idea: “People want to see you in person”, says Pradeep, “above all if you are looking for a position as Human Resources Officer.  And in Australia they don’t care about previous experiences in your country: they really appreciate your local experience”.

So there was a problem, because Pradeep did not have the often required local experience in Australia.

That’s why the help of the consultants at Nab That Job in Australia, who rewrote Pradeep’s resume in an a professional, Australian style, was one of the keys of his success: “I learned that the CV should be designed on local conditions, and that the jobs that really suit my profile were never advertised.  The interaction with Nadine and Nab That Job in Australia was one of the best things I found about migrating in Australia”.

Pradeep signed his first employment contract just one month after his arrival in Australia, and finally landed his current role in Human Resources with a top, multi-national firm, after eight long months of searching.

Using job search websites may help you in your Australian job search, however, according to Pradeep’s experience, it’s more important to develop contacts in person and apply for jobs with those organizations who are truly global.

To the question regarding the things that really helped Pradeep to find a job in Australia, he answered: “First of all, faith in myself.  I never gave up.  Second, a resume written by Nab That Job in Australia. Third, constant support from Nab That Job in Australia and discussions with the contacts she gave to me. And last, the fact that I did interviews with people who really matter, rather than a job consultant who has no idea about what I was looking for”.

But of course Pradeep faced a lot of challenges and disappointments in his job search in Australia, such as the low knowledge Australian people have about Indian culture and country.  Pradeep quite often did not understand the reasons for his rejections by the Australian job consultants, and was frustrated by not being given an audience to explain his real work experience.

Pradeep is now satisfied with his new role, and is happy with his career prospects in Australia.  However, if he looks back there are few things he would have done differently: for example, using an Australian job search professional to rewrite his CV earlier, and avoiding applying for every position which matched his experience on job search websites.

For Pradeep, the best thing about immigrating to Australia was, in few words, the people he met along the way: “I really love the camaraderie of people and the fact that I really feel at home”.

When we asked Pradeep to give some suggestions to people who want to work and live in Australia, he was very straight forward and stated simply: “This is not a free lunch.  I recommend that you plan your move in advance: carry some cash with you because it can take six months before finding the right job.  But, most of all, if you have decided to move to any country, the decision is truly yours and do not regret it”.

In the end, the real successful key of Pradeep was finding the right people who really helped him. People like the consultants at Nab That Job in Australia, with their useful website,, who are helping people from all over the world to find employment and fulfil their dream lifestyle in Australia.

A country which offers a lot of opportunities if you believe in yourself and never, never, give up.

To get started on your positive job search and migration to Australia, click here to do our quick CV assessment now.


Written by Angelica Giambelluca



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Reply dfxc
1:14 AM on June 18, 2010 
A shameless ad by the site owners
Reply Nadine Myers
9:33 AM on June 18, 2010 
dfxc says...
A shameless ad by the site owners

Thank you for your comment. We are indeed proud of the assistance we are able to provide to our clients, and of the success stories we are able to share. This story, as with many more to come has been provided at the request of our clients and site members. We look forward to sharing more stories in hope that they keep our members and clients on track with their job search in Australia.
Reply Tigran
8:55 AM on June 21, 2010 
Dear Nadine Myers, I plan in one year to arrive to Melbourn on educational emigration!! If I shall come, can you to me help? I shall have money to hold on in Australia 6 months! It is possible?
Reply Nadine Myers
12:22 PM on June 21, 2010 
Tigran says...
Dear Nadine Myers, I plan in one year to arrive to Melbourn on educational emigration!! If I shall come, can you to me help? I shall have money to hold on in Australia 6 months! It is possible?

Hi Tigran - nice to hear from you again. I am excited for you that you are coming to Australia finally. What will you be studying? If you continue to work on your English and obtain good OET scores, we may be able to assist you to find a position.

According to the Australian Dental council (

"All overseas trained dentists (regardless of country of training) are required to pass the Occupational English Test (OET) for healthcare professionals, prior to acceptance into the Australian Dental Council examinations. Exemptions are not granted.

The Occupational English Test is designed to assess a candidate?s understanding and use of English in the professional workplace. It tests both written and spoken English in four categories: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

* All four categories must be passed at an ?A? or ?B? level to achieve an overall acceptable pass in the test.
* All four categories must be passed in a single sitting.

The result of the test helps determine whether a candidate?s general level of English is sufficiently high to enable them to practise dentistry in Australia. Difficulties with this test should alert the candidate to the possibility of difficulties with the later stages of the ADC examinations.


1. No other English tests are accepted by the ADC.
2. A pass in the OET is valid for two years only.
3. Candidates are required to hold a valid OET pass at the closing date for applications for each exam stage, ie at Preliminary and at Final Exam.

The OET is administered by the OET Centre. For information and to register online visit"

Let´s stay in touch an once you have obtained the necessary OET scores, we can assist you in your job search.

Kind regards,

Reply Harjit Singh
11:17 AM on February 7, 2011 
Dear Nadine, to be brief , I have more than twenty years of working experience in the Fast Food & Beverage Industry ans also Retail Pace Sales and Shopping Mall management.

Specifically , I have been attached with F&N Coca -Cola Malaysia Limited for the last 16 years.
F&N Coca-Cola Malaysia manufactures and distributes the F&N and Coca Cola range of beverages in Malaysia . I have extensive experience in Key Account Mnanagement and Sales Operations Management which includes Trade Marketing and New Product Development as well. My family ie my wife and two children will relocate to Australia in
December 2011and I may even move earlier if I can secure a job prior.

I would appreciate your advice on what I need to do and what options are open to me ie sign up with "Nab that Job" etc...?? . Hope to hear from you soon. My handphone contact in Malaysia is +60122827367.
Reply Agonugsimmoge
7:36 PM on February 23, 2011 
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Reply ObessJemfed
3:08 AM on March 16, 2011 
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Reply ashish chandra
12:53 AM on February 28, 2012 
Dear Nadine
So delighted & happy to see this kind of Assistance really it is so morale boosting!!!
Allow me to first introduce me, I am Ashish working overseas at Muscat in middle east as electrical engineer for Hospital engineering & maintenance and interested for the advertised role.

I have significant hands on experience in electrical project & maintenance in Heavy Industry ,building service & mines with good exposure to CMMS and latest preventive & CBM /RBM techniques worked on customised oracle based maintenance softwares.

I have PR under skilled category visa 136 BN & my bachelor?s qualification in Electrical engineering is certified by Institution of engineers Australia.

I am flexible on salary ,role capacity & location for my fast footing in Australia. I can send my resume, Australian visa & tertiary qualification(electrical) on your advise ,for your ready reference .
Even if one prelimimary filling job can make my move on immediate basis, kindly help.
Try to have a look on my resume & help .Look forward to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours

Ashish Chandra
Reply Rahul Patil
8:45 PM on December 15, 2012 
Dear Nadine Myers,

it was so delightful & respect to you ,as you people are doing a great job, to see this kind of Assistance really it is so morale boosting!!!
my name is rahul patil from india,i have done my PG in Advance construction management (basically im a civil engineer)
i want to start my career by going international,i want your guidance since im a fresher

4:49 AM on February 26, 2013 
Dear sir,
iam looking to go in australia for earn the money by doing hardwork.
Reply Praveen BN
6:01 AM on April 22, 2013 
I am a Oracle certified java professional with over 3 years of experience and now currently working in IBM.I am looking forward to migerate to australia. Please let me know what service could be provided by you and what would you charge for it.
Reply Santhosh
6:08 AM on May 10, 2013 
Dear Nadine,

Greetings !

My name is Santhosh, I am contemplating to relocate to Australia off late. Thought, it would be best to take suggestions from the someone who can advise appropriately.

I have about 8+ years Exp in Banking sector and i fall under Skilled sponsered Visacategory (Financial advisor).

I understand NSW and ACT are the two states sponsor under this particular category. Could you please let me know about job opportunities in these states, which state is advisable to apply for and if any pre-preparation i could do before i could come there.

Your inputs will be appreciated.