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Changes to Australian Skilled Migration

Posted on April 17, 2010 at 3:35 PM

There have been a lot of changes developing in the Skilled Migration program in Australia, and our Registered Migration Agent, Danielle Ferris, has provided some valuable information for people who are looking to migrate to Australia, or who are already going through the Australian migration process.

Danielle advises us that 'the General Skilled Migration Program in Australia is under going huge changes to take effect in June 2010'.   At the moment, if you are able to nominate an occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL -, your application for a skilled visa is prioritised.  If you are able to nominate a skilled occupation that is listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL / ENSOL - and are sponsored by an Australian employer, your visa application is also prioritised.  However, please note that the CSL  and SOL / ENSOL will be updated in June 2010, and it is uncertain whether your occupation will be on the updated list when the changes are made.  Further, although currently you can apply for a skilled visa if you can nominate an occupation on the SOL, the processing times for this type of visa application has 'blown out to 3-4 years recently', according to Danielle. 


Danielle advises,

"The Skilled Occupation List in Australia will be halved come June this year.  The Australian Government has indicated they are making a move towards only allowing people with skills urgently needed by Australia to apply for skilled visas, as well as those who are Employers to sponsor people in the occupations they require."

"The result", says Danielle, "is that skilled visas in Australia will be directed by the skills Australia is experiencing significant shortages with and positions that employers need to fill."


Danielle advises that if you are unable to nominate an occupation that is listed on either the CSL or SOL, then you are 'most likely not able to apply to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program or the Employer Sponsored program'. 

According to Danielle, If you have a partner who is able to nominate an occupation on either of these lists (CSL or SOL), then you may be able to apply to migrate to Australia with your partner (who would apply as the first applicant) if your partner meets the 'primary applicant criteria for the visa', and you do not.  Danielle advises that in this case, you could then be included on the application as the 'secondary applicant'.


The first step for migrating to Australia, is for you to check if you are able to nominate an occupation on either of these lists (CSL or SOL), and we strongly advise you to book a phone or online consultation with an Australian Registered Migration Agent, who can determine whether you qualify for the General Skilled Migration Program or the Employer Sponsored Program.  

Nab That Job in Australia! works very closely with Danielle Ferris, our Australian Registered Migration Agent, and highly recommends Danielle as reputable and very helpful for foreign nationals applying to migrate to Australia.  Danielle charges AU$97 for a phone or online consultation (visit to convert this amount into your local currency).  To complete this assessment, Danielle will require a copy of your CV and may need to ask you further questions to enable her to complete an accurate consultation, and to advise you of your visa options.  To take advantage of this professional consultation, you can pay for this service underneath the left hand navigation bar of this website, by clicking on the PayPal button under the "Discover Your Visa Options" section.  If you have any trouble purchasing this service, please contact us by clicking here.


If it turns out that you are able to nominate an occupation under either of these lists (CSL / SOL), and you want to apply to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program without finding an employer to sponsor you, according to Danielle, there are two first steps you need to take:

  1. Get your English Language Ability tested using the IELTS system; and
  2. Apply for a skills assessment to the relevant assessing authority.

Danielle advises that these two steps will help you to determine if you can go any further with your General Skilled Migration Program application,  and will enable Danielle to 'design your migration plan with these two key factors taken into account'.

Danielle can assist you with the above two steps, including providing guidance on booking your IELTS test, and also organising online IELTS preparation to increase your IELTS scores.  Danielle will also manage your skills assessment process with you, so you feel supported throughout the process.

Danielle can assist you with the above two steps/processes for AU$397.   if you have already hired Danielle to complete your full assessment, she will deduct this fee if you decide to use her services for your Australian visa application.  Click here to request the support and professional assistance of Danielle Ferris now.


During your consultation with Danielle Ferris, she will advise you of your visa options, and the first few steps that you need to take.  If you do not qualify for Skilled Migration to Australia, Danielle will advise you of the chances of you qualifying for Skilled Migration to Australia in the future, and how you can go about achieving that.  Danielle will also advise you of any other alternative pathways you may have to Permanent Residence in Australia under a different visa program, perhaps even visa programs that you are unaware of.  Did you know that there are over 150 types of Australian Visas currently?  With this many types of visas available for Australia, Danielle may find that there is another type of visa that you qualify for, if you do not qualify for a skilled migration or employer sponsored visa, and can advise you on how to move forward with the options she identifies for you.  Click here if you would like to have a professional consultation with Danielle Ferris now.


Once it has been determined which migration stream or Australian visa you will be applying for, we can also assist you to find a job in Australia, and in some cases, an Australian employer to sponsor you.  If you are at this stage already, your first step is to determine whether your current CV is competitive in the Australian job market.  Click here to find out if you CV is competitive in Australia now.

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