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Visiting Australia as Part of Your Job Search

Posted on March 12, 2010 at 7:45 PM

Are you seeking jobs in Australia from overseas and are not having much luck?  Have you considered planning a trip to Australia as part of your job search? If not, perhaps you should consider this.

Although our clients have had success gaining interviews over the telephone whilst they are still in their home countries, experience has shown that making a trip to Australia for the purpose of attending interviews and meeting with Australian employers and recruiters can greatly increase your success rate when applying for jobs in Australia.

If you think about it this way - if you were looking to employ someone long term in your company, would you feel 100% comfortable hiring someone whom you have not yet met?  Most people would answer no to this question, unless you are working in a profession where your personality fit is not a consideration when considering someone for a job - for example in a highly technical position where the employee's proven experience in this field holds more weight than how they come across in an interview.

Using a trip to Australia as part of your job search can open up opportunities for interviews which may not have been there previously.  Australian employers who are not necessarily looking for an overseas applicant or sponsoring an overseas national may be more willing to consider if you if you happen to be in Australia and available for an interview.

The best way to plan your trip is to do your research in advance - compile a list of companies whom you have an interest in working for, and start contacting them before you leave.  Advise them that you will be in the country for a certain period of time and would love to have the opportunity to meet with them whilst you are there, even if they do not have any current vacancies that are suitable for you.  This way you can be considered more seriously for future opportunities with the organisation.

If you cannot set up a time when you make your initial contact with the company, contact them again just before you arrive in Australia, or once you are there - this time by telephone, and let them know that you will be in their area on a certain date (give two options in case they cannot make one of them).  If you still cannot secure an interview date, the last resort is to visit the company in person when you are in Australia, with a copy of your CV, and be sure to ask for the person in charge of recruiting for your profession.  By this time you should have made some great contacts and developed some relationships with the work you have done before arriving in Australia, so they should remember your name.

This is a very effective tactic as part of your job search, particularly if you are seeking job sponsorship, because it allows you to get in front of several employers, which is more powerful and influential than simply applying for jobs over the internet, because you have made a human to human connection.

Our clients have had success using this tactic and managed to gain phone interviews before they arrive in Australia, with second interviews lined up for when they are on their visit in Australia.  Other clients managed to book interviews whilst they were in Australia and had positive responses from Australian employers, even in the cases where they require sponsorship.

Nab That Job in Australia offers a service whereby we can take the hard work out of the research and contacting employers and recruiters by doing this for you.  We have found that our third party recommendation for interview has had positive results, and when our clients have followed up from our inital contact, they already have a connection with the contacts, and a relationship has been set up, making the contact by the client a lot easier and less 'cold'.  Further, we spend hours, if not days, doing research for you on suitable Australian employers who we feel would be a great match for your skills and experience, and put together a detailed strategy for you to follow so you do not have to think for yourself - it is simple, paint-by-numbers system.

If you would like to learn more about these services, please click on the relevant link below:

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If you feel you qualify for job sponsorship in Australia, or are not sure, click here

If you already have your work permit or residency for Australia, click here.

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