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Emigrants to Australia Taking 6 Months to Find a Job

Posted on January 20, 2010 at 6:57 PM

I read recently that on average, it is taking new migrants to Australia up to 6 months to find their first job.  I could not believe these figures initially, however, after thinking about it, I realised that it made sense.

You see, I understand that emigrants to Australia are not coached on how to find work in Australia before they arrive (normally), and nor are they shown how to create a high-impact and competitive CV / resume for applying for jobs in Australia.  If they had received this advice before arriving in Australia they would take a much shorter time to find a job in Australia.

The foreign nationals that we deal with at Nab That Job in Australia! tend to receive their visa or PR status, and since this is quite a process, they feel that once this has been received, the moving to Australia and looking for work part will be much easier,  Unfortunately this is not always the case.

In my experience, the emigrants who are having the most difficulty finding a job in Australia are South Africans, Malaysians, Indians, Singaporeans and Philippinos.  The majority of the time, these emigrants do not have a CV that meets the expectations of Australian employers and they are therefore ineffective in their job search in Australia.

We have also found that male emigrants from the UK require assistance with putting their CV together, particularly if their profession does not involve a lot of administration and writing, such as trades, engineering and IT professionals.

Further, emigrants are usually unaware of the importance of the Australian hidden job market, and are therefore only applying for a small percentage of jobs that are available in Australia - an estimated 20-25% of jobs.

The role of Nab That Job in Australia! is to assist South Africans, Indians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Philippinos and other nationalities to achieve higher success rates when applying for jobs in Australia.  We understand that it can be extremely stressful emigrating to a new country, and that trying to integrate into the culture and work force of that country as quickly and easily as possible is your number one priority.  This is especially the case if you have a family to support, and require an income to cover expenses shortly after you arrive in Australia.

If you find that you are having problems finding a job in Australia and you do not know what to do to be more successful, you could start by doing a quick assessment of your CV to see whether you are currently as competitive as you can be when applying for jobs in Australia.  Click here to find out how effective your CV is right now.

Once you have determined if your CV is letting you down, you can start making changes immediately, and improve your success rate when applying for jobs in Australia.

If your CV is currently competitive in the Australian job market, then it may be that you need to focus your job search on the hidden job market to increase your chance of finding employment in Australia.  Find out how a Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy can turn your job search around by clicking here.

Nab That Job in Australia! are here for you, to assist you to find your dream role in Australia, and are happy to answer any of your questions.  Click here if you wish to contact us now.

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