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Posted on December 4, 2009 at 5:46 PM

Nab That Job in Australia! has created a new service to assist those seeking job sponsorship in Australia.   This new Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy will give job seekers an edge when applying for jobs in Australia, as it enables you to tap directly into the hidden job market in Australia. 

Nab That Job in Australia! Is focussed on the hidden job market in Australia, because this is where approximately 70% of all jobs in Australia are found.  That means that if you are only applying for jobs that are advertised on the internet – job search websites for example, you are only viewing up to 30% of the current vacant positions in Australia.


So just what is the hidden job market, and how can you access it, I hear you ask yourselves! 


This new service, called the Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy, is an amazing new service that will immensely benefit your Australian job search, particularly if you are seeking job sponsorship in Australia.


How this service works, is you send your resume to the Nab That Job in Australia! Consultants, who analyse your background and through consultation with you, paint an accurate picture of your skills and experience, as well as what your ideal role is – what you will be looking for in Australia.  Normally clients will already have had their resumes and cover letters professional converted into  a competitive Australian format (which is what Nab That Job in Australia! highly recommends before purchasing this Tailored Job Search Strategy), so this consulting part will have already been accomplished.


The document is split into two sections – Mainstream Job Search Strategy, focusing on those job search channels that the majority of job seekers access.  This will include job search websites specific to your industry, as well as reputable specialised recruitment agencies.


The list of reputable recruitment agencies that will be prepared, will be specific for your industry, and instructions on how to approach recruitment agencies will be included – a touchy area, when it comes to finding job sponsorship in Australia.   You will receive an honest account of how recruitment agencies operate in Australia, and instructions on how to best approach recruitment agencies and use them to your advantage.  They are not always your enemy, even though sometimes it seems as though they don’t want to help you!


The second half of the document, and the main part, focuses on the Hidden Job Market Strategy for finding employment and job sponsorship in Australia.  This section includes full instructions on how to tap into the hidden job market for your industry, including how to access and expand your networks, and how to use social networking to your advantage.  Your hidden job market job search strategy will then move into “back-door entry” into organisations in your industry.


For this section of the document, the Australian Emigration Job Search Consultants at Nab That Job in Australia! will do research on Australian companies, particularly in the areas of Australia you are interested in.  Their findings will be recorded on the document, with a summary of the company, their website information, contact details and the best way to approach each individual company.


Next, the Australian Emigration Job Search Strategist will access their own resources to establish any personal contacts they have in your industry, and record these contacts on the document.


Finally, the document finishes with Final Tips and Recommendations, specific to your background and your industry in Australia.

You can see how powerful this new service will be to your job search in Australia!  You will be unstoppable finding job sponsorship in Australia if you take the time and investment to prepare a high-impact, competitive resume and cover letter, and then have an Australian Job Search Strategy specifically tailored for you that you can follow and apply to your job search!


During the first couple of months of the launch of this service, you can access your very own Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy for at a discounted rate.  We feel these rates are extremely reasonable for this service, given the amount of energy and time that is required to put the Australian job search strategy together.  Hurry though, as the current price will soon be raised to a fee that is more reflective of the work involved.

Further, to launch the new Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy, if you decide to have your resume professionally rewritten so that you will be more competitive when applying for jobs in Australia, and you want to combine the resume service with the Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy, you will receive a tailored professionally written Australian Cover Letter for FREE!  The ultimate package for finding job sponsorship in Australia! 

To take advantage of this discounted package, or to order your own Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy and put yourself ahead of your competition, click here now!

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Reply Hisham Shakir
7:46 AM on January 7, 2010 
I am impressed!
Reply Nadine Myers
1:53 PM on January 8, 2010 
Hisham Shakir says...
I am impressed!

Thank you Hisham! We are very excited about this new service and what it means to people seeking employment and job sponsorship in Australia!

Kind regards,

Nadine Myers