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Tips For Job Interview - How To Know You're Doing Well

Posted on November 24, 2009 at 8:42 PM

A client of mine, Renee Bugden, who has been going for interviews in Australia recently, requested some consulting around 'how you know you are doing well in an interview' - something a lot of people ask, and something that can be very tricky to tell when it is you being interviewed.  Sometimes it feels like the interview went really well - only to find out that you were unsuccessful for the job.  Other times you feel the interview did not go so well, or you just weren't sure what they thought of you - and then you receive a phone call with a job offer! 

Renee took her questions and my answers and turned it into a helpful article to share with you all, with tips for job interview Australia, to help you with your job search in Australia.  Hopefully it will clear up some of your questions and help you to get a better picture of how your interviews went.

Renee has titled the interview "How You Know You're Doing Well in an Interview", and she has counted down from 10 to 1, with the number 1 tip being the one that is most likely to give away whether you are being considered for the next stage of the interview process.  Great job, Renee!

How You Know You're Doing Well in a Job Interview


10. Interview Goes Over Time

Depending on the type of work and your position, an interview should last between fifteen minutes to an hour. A casual retail position would expect an interview about twenty minutes; a senior manager for a large firm could expect an hour or more. If you’ve been there for longer than expected, you’re doing well!


9. A Connection with the Interviewer

If the interviewer likes you, you’ll see signs such as smiles, lots of note taking, they’ll look you in the eye, questions about likes and personality.


8. They Invite You to Meet Other Team Members

Chances are, they like you already and they’re just seeing how you'll get along with the rest of the team.


7. A Tour of the Working Environment

You see where you’d be working, where the staff room is and other important locations. Sometimes though, this is a standard procedure.


6. Confirm Your Referees

The interviewer will ask about your referees, if they’re available and willing to be called. This means they want to know more about you.


5. It’s All About You

If the interviewer wants to know all about you, then they are interested. Talking about the position and not you means they're just killing time until their next interview.


4. They’ll Tell You

Some interviewers will tell you straight away if you’re on the shortlist. This doesn’t mean you will definitely get the job; but you’ve made it to the next level.


3. Practical Demonstration

This mostly applies to careers in IT. The interviewer gives you an assignment to work out with an appointment at a later date to present your work. For example, a software developer may be asked to write a program. This ensures a second interview… which is always a good sign.


2. Company Information

When an interviewer talks about company uniforms, procedures and other staff-related issues, they’re seeing if you'll accept the conditions. Some interviewers do this with everyone; others only to the best applicants. Usually though, the more info they provide, the better your chance.


1. Considering Other Roles

This is the big one! If the interviewer asks about other roles, they’re really asking how much time they have to hire you.  Play hard to get; tell them you have two other call backs (second or third interviews) or that you were offered a position but haven’t taken it yet. This means they definitely want you on their team!


If you want to say to hello to  Renee, or ask her any questions, you can do so by signing in to the the Australian migration forum . Renee is also a Copy Writer, with Diamond Copywriting.

If you have any topics that you would like covered or discussed, or have an article you would like to submit to be published on Nab That Job in Australia!, please contact us.

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Reply Mohd.Saleem
12:52 AM on November 25, 2009 
Thanks a lots for providing the very guiding and vital information about the interviewer.One can judge himself.Aspect more such related advice from you.
Reply Nadine Myers
12:55 PM on November 25, 2009 
Mohd.Saleem says...
Thanks a lots for providing the very guiding and vital information about the interviewer.One can judge himself.Aspect more such related advice from you.

Thank you for the feedback, Mohd - and thank you Renee for submitting this information to help others!