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Migrating to Australia Checklist

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 2:53 PM Comments comments (1)

Are you migrating to Australia soon, and want to ensure you're as organised as you can be when making this major life-changing move?  Our Migrating to Australia Checklist will help you!

This checklist is designed to simplify the process of moving to Australia for you, and let you know about key things that you may not have thought about.

For instance, will you be shipping all of your furniture to Australia?  Have you thought of the option of selling your furniture in your home country and starting afresh in Australia?  This can be a much cheaper option, and can also make your new beginning in Australia more fun, setting up your brand new life in your new home.  This can also save you loads of money that you would otherwise be paying in shipping, and also give you some extra pocket money for putting towards your new furniture.

Some of our clients are also reducing their shipping costs further, by scanning all of their photographs so they have digital copies that can be printed down the track if required.  This can be a good idea whether you are reducing your shipping or not, as it can give you extra copies in case the hard copies get damaged or lost in transit.

The Migrating to Australia Checklist also guides you on arrange your banking, insurance, medicare, employment, education, travel, tax, bills, accommodation and housing matters.

This Migrating to Australia Checklist is available to you for free download, to help your migration to Australia to go as smoothly as possible.

Download Migrating to Australia Checklist now

Job Sponsorship in Australia On The Rise?

Posted on May 4, 2010 at 7:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Over the past couple of months, we have noted an increase in the number of advertised positions that are open to receiving applications from overseas nationals, and that would be willing to sponsor foreign nationals for the job if the right person came along.

This is very positive, and we hope to see this trend continue, with more Australian companies being willing to sponsor overseas nationals, and attract skilled migrants to Australia.

Our clients have been receiving mixed reports from their job search.  One thing is clear though - recruitment agencies are very rarely willing to help people who are seeking job sponsorship, or people who have their PR and are applying for jobs from overseas.  If they cannot meet you in person, they cannot help you, in most cases.

Other clients have been told that Australian companies are interested in their skills and experience, and would be interested in meeting with them when they are in Australia. Once again - being overseas is causing a road block. 

These outcomes have caused many of our clients to consider travelling to Australia on a tourist visa, to explore the areas of Australia they are interested in, and to meet with potential employers whilst there.

As part of our Australian Job Search Strategy service, we assisted one of our clients earlier this year with their trip to Australia so that they could make the most of their time whilst there, and to ensure they had interviews lined up during their stay in Australia.  This particular client was offered a role with one of the employers they met with in Australia, after returning to their home country, making their trip to Australia worthwhile.  Learn more about why you should consider planning a trip to Australia here.

Reports from our clients have shown that they have received an increased positive response from their Australian job applications after having their CVs be professionally prepared by our Emigration Job Search Consultants, so that they meet the expectations of Australian employers.  This has proven that the CV plays a very large role in attracting interest from Australian employers.

Our recommendation at this point in time is to focus on the hidden job market when applying for jobs in Australia, and avoiding applying for jobs through Australian recruitment agencies if you are applying for jobs from outside Australia.  This will see your time spent in a more effective way, and you will be sure to note the positive change in outcomes from your Australian job search.

If you are in Australia and applying for sponsored jobs, make yourself available for face to face job interviews, and if you cannot attend a face to face interview, you should probably re-think applying for jobs in other States of Australia.  If you do apply for a job in another State and the company is  interested in meeting with you, once you have an interview date secured, leverage your time so that you can meet with as many suitable employers as you can whilst in that area.  This will increase your chance of success, as after all, applying for jobs in Australia is a 'numbers game - The more jobs you apply for, the closer you will be to finding success in your Australian job search.

However, you must also keep in mind that applying for hundreds of jobs with a CV that is not effective or competitive in Australia, will greatly diminish your opportunity for success.  You will know if your CV is effective just by the respose you are receiving from your Australian job applications.  For instance, if you have applied for 10 jobs in Australia and have not received one positive response, or perhaps not any response at all, there is a very good chance your CV is not effective as a self-marketing tool.  However, if you have applied for 10 jobs and you have received interviews or interest from Australian employers, your CV is likely to be serving its purpose as an effective self-marketing tool.

To find out whether your CV is serving its purpose effectively as a self-marketing tool, click here.

New Migration Services

Posted on April 29, 2010 at 6:04 PM Comments comments (1)

We are pleased to announce that we now can assist you with professional migration services for Australia!

That means that not only do Nab That Job in Australia! assist you to find employment in Australia, however, we can now provide a more useful, complete service, also assisting with your migration requirements as well.

Danielle Ferris, our Registered Australian Migration Agent, has been very useful in assisting our clients to migrate to Australia, and will now be instrumental in the process.

If you are looking to migrate to Australia, however, do not know whether you qualify, we highly recommend that you have a consultation with Danielle Ferris to determine your options.

Our new Professional Australian Migration Assessment is particularly useful for people who:

  • Want to migrate to Australia, but you don't know where to start
  • No longer know what you qualify for after all the recent changes to immigration laws in Australia
  • Feel confused by all of the free information that is out there, and need an Australian migration professional to simplify it for you
  • Have found that there are more than one options for you and you want to be sure you choose the right one
  • Can't find any migration streams you qualify for, and want to know what you can do to qualify
  • Know what you qualify for, but need assistance with your next steps

If this sounds like you, Danielle can help you to take the next steps towards your migration to Australia.

Even if you require sponsorship to be able to migrate to Australia, you still need to meet the criteria to qualify for sponsorship, which is something that  Danielle can assist you with. 

Danielle also provides specialised assistance with your skills assessments to ensure you complete them effectively.  Skills assessments are required by specific Australian authorities to ensure that your experience and qualifications are at the same standards as those occupations in Australia.  This is therefore a very important aspect of your migration application, and in many cases, you need to have your skills assessment done before you can apply for sponsored jobs in Australia.

To learn more about our Professional Australian Migration Assessment, click here.

Changes to Australian Skilled Migration

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There have been a lot of changes developing in the Skilled Migration program in Australia, and our Registered Migration Agent, Danielle Ferris, has provided some valuable information for people who are looking to migrate to Australia, or who are already going through the Australian migration process.

Danielle advises us that 'the General Skilled Migration Program in Australia is under going huge changes to take effect in June 2010'.   At the moment, if you are able to nominate an occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL -, your application for a skilled visa is prioritised.  If you are able to nominate a skilled occupation that is listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL / ENSOL - and are sponsored by an Australian employer, your visa application is also prioritised.  However, please note that the CSL  and SOL / ENSOL will be updated in June 2010, and it is uncertain whether your occupation will be on the updated list when the changes are made.  Further, although currently you can apply for a skilled visa if you can nominate an occupation on the SOL, the processing times for this type of visa application has 'blown out to 3-4 years recently', according to Danielle. 


Danielle advises,

"The Skilled Occupation List in Australia will be halved come June this year.  The Australian Government has indicated they are making a move towards only allowing people with skills urgently needed by Australia to apply for skilled visas, as well as those who are Employers to sponsor people in the occupations they require."

"The result", says Danielle, "is that skilled visas in Australia will be directed by the skills Australia is experiencing significant shortages with and positions that employers need to fill."


Danielle advises that if you are unable to nominate an occupation that is listed on either the CSL or SOL, then you are 'most likely not able to apply to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program or the Employer Sponsored program'. 

According to Danielle, If you have a partner who is able to nominate an occupation on either of these lists (CSL or SOL), then you may be able to apply to migrate to Australia with your partner (who would apply as the first applicant) if your partner meets the 'primary applicant criteria for the visa', and you do not.  Danielle advises that in this case, you could then be included on the application as the 'secondary applicant'.


The first step for migrating to Australia, is for you to check if you are able to nominate an occupation on either of these lists (CSL or SOL), and we strongly advise you to book a phone or online consultation with an Australian Registered Migration Agent, who can determine whether you qualify for the General Skilled Migration Program or the Employer Sponsored Program.  

Nab That Job in Australia! works very closely with Danielle Ferris, our Australian Registered Migration Agent, and highly recommends Danielle as reputable and very helpful for foreign nationals applying to migrate to Australia.  Danielle charges AU$97 for a phone or online consultation (visit to convert this amount into your local currency).  To complete this assessment, Danielle will require a copy of your CV and may need to ask you further questions to enable her to complete an accurate consultation, and to advise you of your visa options.  To take advantage of this professional consultation, you can pay for this service underneath the left hand navigation bar of this website, by clicking on the PayPal button under the "Discover Your Visa Options" section.  If you have any trouble purchasing this service, please contact us by clicking here.


If it turns out that you are able to nominate an occupation under either of these lists (CSL / SOL), and you want to apply to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program without finding an employer to sponsor you, according to Danielle, there are two first steps you need to take:

  1. Get your English Language Ability tested using the IELTS system; and
  2. Apply for a skills assessment to the relevant assessing authority.

Danielle advises that these two steps will help you to determine if you can go any further with your General Skilled Migration Program application,  and will enable Danielle to 'design your migration plan with these two key factors taken into account'.

Danielle can assist you with the above two steps, including providing guidance on booking your IELTS test, and also organising online IELTS preparation to increase your IELTS scores.  Danielle will also manage your skills assessment process with you, so you feel supported throughout the process.

Danielle can assist you with the above two steps/processes for AU$397.   if you have already hired Danielle to complete your full assessment, she will deduct this fee if you decide to use her services for your Australian visa application.  Click here to request the support and professional assistance of Danielle Ferris now.


During your consultation with Danielle Ferris, she will advise you of your visa options, and the first few steps that you need to take.  If you do not qualify for Skilled Migration to Australia, Danielle will advise you of the chances of you qualifying for Skilled Migration to Australia in the future, and how you can go about achieving that.  Danielle will also advise you of any other alternative pathways you may have to Permanent Residence in Australia under a different visa program, perhaps even visa programs that you are unaware of.  Did you know that there are over 150 types of Australian Visas currently?  With this many types of visas available for Australia, Danielle may find that there is another type of visa that you qualify for, if you do not qualify for a skilled migration or employer sponsored visa, and can advise you on how to move forward with the options she identifies for you.  Click here if you would like to have a professional consultation with Danielle Ferris now.


Once it has been determined which migration stream or Australian visa you will be applying for, we can also assist you to find a job in Australia, and in some cases, an Australian employer to sponsor you.  If you are at this stage already, your first step is to determine whether your current CV is competitive in the Australian job market.  Click here to find out if you CV is competitive in Australia now.

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Visiting Australia as Part of Your Job Search

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Are you seeking jobs in Australia from overseas and are not having much luck?  Have you considered planning a trip to Australia as part of your job search? If not, perhaps you should consider this.

Although our clients have had success gaining interviews over the telephone whilst they are still in their home countries, experience has shown that making a trip to Australia for the purpose of attending interviews and meeting with Australian employers and recruiters can greatly increase your success rate when applying for jobs in Australia.

If you think about it this way - if you were looking to employ someone long term in your company, would you feel 100% comfortable hiring someone whom you have not yet met?  Most people would answer no to this question, unless you are working in a profession where your personality fit is not a consideration when considering someone for a job - for example in a highly technical position where the employee's proven experience in this field holds more weight than how they come across in an interview.

Using a trip to Australia as part of your job search can open up opportunities for interviews which may not have been there previously.  Australian employers who are not necessarily looking for an overseas applicant or sponsoring an overseas national may be more willing to consider if you if you happen to be in Australia and available for an interview.

The best way to plan your trip is to do your research in advance - compile a list of companies whom you have an interest in working for, and start contacting them before you leave.  Advise them that you will be in the country for a certain period of time and would love to have the opportunity to meet with them whilst you are there, even if they do not have any current vacancies that are suitable for you.  This way you can be considered more seriously for future opportunities with the organisation.

If you cannot set up a time when you make your initial contact with the company, contact them again just before you arrive in Australia, or once you are there - this time by telephone, and let them know that you will be in their area on a certain date (give two options in case they cannot make one of them).  If you still cannot secure an interview date, the last resort is to visit the company in person when you are in Australia, with a copy of your CV, and be sure to ask for the person in charge of recruiting for your profession.  By this time you should have made some great contacts and developed some relationships with the work you have done before arriving in Australia, so they should remember your name.

This is a very effective tactic as part of your job search, particularly if you are seeking job sponsorship, because it allows you to get in front of several employers, which is more powerful and influential than simply applying for jobs over the internet, because you have made a human to human connection.

Our clients have had success using this tactic and managed to gain phone interviews before they arrive in Australia, with second interviews lined up for when they are on their visit in Australia.  Other clients managed to book interviews whilst they were in Australia and had positive responses from Australian employers, even in the cases where they require sponsorship.

Nab That Job in Australia offers a service whereby we can take the hard work out of the research and contacting employers and recruiters by doing this for you.  We have found that our third party recommendation for interview has had positive results, and when our clients have followed up from our inital contact, they already have a connection with the contacts, and a relationship has been set up, making the contact by the client a lot easier and less 'cold'.  Further, we spend hours, if not days, doing research for you on suitable Australian employers who we feel would be a great match for your skills and experience, and put together a detailed strategy for you to follow so you do not have to think for yourself - it is simple, paint-by-numbers system.

If you would like to learn more about these services, please click on the relevant link below:

To find out whether you CV is competitive in Australia, click here.

If you feel you qualify for job sponsorship in Australia, or are not sure, click here

If you already have your work permit or residency for Australia, click here.

CV Distribution Service Succesful!

Posted on March 6, 2010 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Our CV Distribution Service has proven to be extremely successful in gaining interest from Australian employers and recruiters in our clients.

Last month some of our clients who are seeking job sponsorship in Australia gained interviews after utilising our CV Distribution Service as part of our Tailored Job Sponsorship Strategy.  These interviews proved promising for sponsorship, and our clients are waiting to make decisions on the positions being offered.

Other clients of ours who already have their Permanent Residency for Australia and are now seeking employment before migrating to Australia, have managed to gain telephone interviews following our Australian Job Search Strategy Service.

With skilled migration no longer being an option for many foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Australia, sponsorship is proving to be not only the only option for them, but also the fastest route to immigrating to Australia.

Australian companies are becoming more and more open to sponsoring skilled, overseas nationals; and I see this trend increasing as Australia's focus for immigration is changing towards job sponsorship schemes.

Nab That Job in Australia now offers specialised packages to position you competitively when applying for jobs in Australia, and to magnify your success rate for gaining interviews in Australia.  To find out how you can improve your chances for finding employment in Australia, click on one of the below links.

Do you qualify for job sponsorship in Australia?  Click here to find out.

If you have already verified that you qualify for job sponsorship in Australia, click here.

If you have your permanent residency or work permit for Australia already, click here.

Changes to Skilled Emigration & the MODL

Posted on February 8, 2010 at 6:11 AM Comments comments (8)

We are sure everyone has heard the news and it has no doubt sent panick out to those who have their visa applications processing as well as those who were about to lodge their visa applcations.


Changes to immigration processing includes a focus on job sponsorship in Australia, and speeding up these types of visa / emigration application in Australia.


The changes to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program for Australia, as described on the Australian Immigration website, are as follows:

  • the outcomes of a review of the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)
  • the replacement of the current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) in the second half of 2010
  • offshore GSM visas made before 1 September 2007 would be capped and ceased
  • priority processing arrangements
  • skills assessment requirements for GSM applicants nominating a trade occupation.

Occupations that appear to be fairly safe for skilled emigration to Australia are those on the Critical Skills List (CSL), including Medical Professionals, Engineers and Secondary School Teachers.

Click here for the full CSL.



Job Sponsorship in Australia


There is much talk about what this will mean for those foreign nationals who are wanting to emigrate to Australia, and it appears that job sponsorship in Australia may be the route for skilled persons to follow.  This change could have a positive effect on those foreign nationals requiring job sponsorship, causing Australian employers to be more open and willing to sponsor overseas nationals, especially now that there will be less people emigrating to Australia independently,which will surely increase the shortage of skilled candidates in Australia. 


If these changes mean you will now be applying for job sponsorship in Australia, with an increased number of overseas nationals applying for job sponsorship in Australia, we highly recommend that you position yourself as favourably as possible, ensuring that you have a competitive CV and cover letter for applying for job sponsorship in Australia.  Click here now to find out whether your CV is currently competitive for job sponsorship in Australia.


For more information on the changes to Australian immigration processing and the MODL, click here.

Nurses Are Having Trouble Finding Sponsorship in Australia

Posted on January 24, 2010 at 3:19 PM Comments comments (82)

The last couple of months has shown a dramatic slowing down in the number of nurses who are able to find sponsorship in Australia. 

Registered Nurses and Midwives from India, UK,  South Africa and other Asian countries are having great difficulty finding job sponsorship in Australia, and some have been forced to give up their search and head back to their home countries.

An example of this sad situation was an Indian Registered Nurse who came to Australia to further her education and gain Australian experience as a Registered Nurse, with the view to find job sponsorship, and live near her family and friends who are now permanent residents in the Brisbane area.  This RN from India had found that hospitals that she had applied to for jobs in Australia were not interested in sponsoring a foreign nurse unless they  had already gained their nursing registration for the state they wish to work in.  After receiving her registration for working as an RN in Queensland, this RN had only a matter of days to find a sponsor before her current visa would expire.  Unfortunately for her, when she applied to the hospitals in her chosen area of Australia (Brisbane and the Gold Coast), the hospitals were not sponsoring any overseas nationals at that time, unless they specifically had extensive Cath Lab experience.

The RN did not have any specialty experience, as she was a well-rounded RN, and she therefore had no choice but to return to her home country, crushed that her dream of becoming a permanent resident in Australia so that she could be near her family, was now over,

Only a few months ago, Registered Nurses from the UK and South Africa were having no problem finding sponsored employment in Australia, particularly in the speciality field of Midwifery.  How things have changed in just a short period of time, with UK and South African Midwife's now being turned away, as they are no longer in demand in specific areas of Australia.

One of the more popular regions for foreign RNs to apply for sponsorship in Australia, is Brisbane and the Gold Coast, in Queesland - where the sun shines year-round, the winters and mild, and the beautiful beaches and rainforests are a big attraction.  This area has been the toughest to find job sponsorship in Australia, for RNs and Midwives, due to a more stabilised market and reduced skills shortage in these areas.

However, other regions of Australia are still seeking overseas Registered Nurses and Midwives, particularly in the more regional areas, with Western Australia and South Australia being two areas of Australia who are welcoming applications from overseas, qualified Registered Nurses and Midwives.

If you are a Registered Nurse or Midwife who is eligible for registration in Australia, we would like to help you to find job sponsorship in Australia.

To find out whether you are eligible to apply, click on the relevant links below:

If you feel you qualify for working as a Registered Nurse or Midwife in Australia, send your CV now, to

If you are interested in working in Queensland, and are a specialised Registered Nurse, send your CV through and we will do our best to find you a sponsored job in this region of Australia.

Emigrants to Australia Taking 6 Months to Find a Job

Posted on January 20, 2010 at 6:57 PM Comments comments (0)

I read recently that on average, it is taking new migrants to Australia up to 6 months to find their first job.  I could not believe these figures initially, however, after thinking about it, I realised that it made sense.

You see, I understand that emigrants to Australia are not coached on how to find work in Australia before they arrive (normally), and nor are they shown how to create a high-impact and competitive CV / resume for applying for jobs in Australia.  If they had received this advice before arriving in Australia they would take a much shorter time to find a job in Australia.

The foreign nationals that we deal with at Nab That Job in Australia! tend to receive their visa or PR status, and since this is quite a process, they feel that once this has been received, the moving to Australia and looking for work part will be much easier,  Unfortunately this is not always the case.

In my experience, the emigrants who are having the most difficulty finding a job in Australia are South Africans, Malaysians, Indians, Singaporeans and Philippinos.  The majority of the time, these emigrants do not have a CV that meets the expectations of Australian employers and they are therefore ineffective in their job search in Australia.

We have also found that male emigrants from the UK require assistance with putting their CV together, particularly if their profession does not involve a lot of administration and writing, such as trades, engineering and IT professionals.

Further, emigrants are usually unaware of the importance of the Australian hidden job market, and are therefore only applying for a small percentage of jobs that are available in Australia - an estimated 20-25% of jobs.

The role of Nab That Job in Australia! is to assist South Africans, Indians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Philippinos and other nationalities to achieve higher success rates when applying for jobs in Australia.  We understand that it can be extremely stressful emigrating to a new country, and that trying to integrate into the culture and work force of that country as quickly and easily as possible is your number one priority.  This is especially the case if you have a family to support, and require an income to cover expenses shortly after you arrive in Australia.

If you find that you are having problems finding a job in Australia and you do not know what to do to be more successful, you could start by doing a quick assessment of your CV to see whether you are currently as competitive as you can be when applying for jobs in Australia.  Click here to find out how effective your CV is right now.

Once you have determined if your CV is letting you down, you can start making changes immediately, and improve your success rate when applying for jobs in Australia.

If your CV is currently competitive in the Australian job market, then it may be that you need to focus your job search on the hidden job market to increase your chance of finding employment in Australia.  Find out how a Tailored Australian Job Search Strategy can turn your job search around by clicking here.

Nab That Job in Australia! are here for you, to assist you to find your dream role in Australia, and are happy to answer any of your questions.  Click here if you wish to contact us now.

Australian Job Sponsorship Services

Posted on December 13, 2009 at 5:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Nab That Job in Australia! , in conjunction with Sponsorship Australia, are excited to release a brand new range of services designed specifically for making your search for sponsored employment in Australia so much easier!

You can visit Job Sponsorship Services for the full details, however here are a few of the new services you will find in this new exciting range:

If you are determined to find job sponsorship in Australia and acknowledge that this is no easy feat, you now have a full range of services that will support you in your search for job sponsorship in Australia..

For the optimum probability for finding an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you, go to Job Sponsorship Services.

Please note that the Australian Job Sponsorship Package and the Tailored Australian Job Sponsorship Strategy, now comes with a FREE CV distribution service to Australian companies and recruiters!  Click here now to take advantage of this fantastic deal that will increase your likelihood of finding job sponsorship in Australia!